Law Of Abundance Guide – How To Manifest Abundance

by Sarah | Last Updated: April 26, 2021

The law of abundance is the faith that by proclaiming abundance, you let it come to you. This law of abundance is closely related to the desire of seeking an abundance of wealth.

As a set of beliefs linked to positive thinking related to the laws of the universe, the main idea behind the laws of abundance, you have a higher probability of being successful if you think or feel you will be. We live in a universe of abundance with sufficient money for all who want to get it and have the will to obey the laws prevailing its acquisition.

In other words, having an Abundance mentality helps your dreams come true.

That is why BioEnergy Switch is the only manifestation program of the law of abundance, which comes from the ancient foundational teaching of Chakra.

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How To Manifest Abundance

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The universe has plenty of opportunities and blessings to get all that you truly desire. This means there is lots of money available to you and virtually everything you need and want. So, how do you manifest money? Your attitude towards either scarcity or abundance of money has a significant impact on whether or not you will be rich or not. This implies that people become wealthy because they have the trust of becoming wealthy.

The 10 Laws of Abundance

Sergio Fernandez stated that the universe has ten laws of abundance. These include:

1. The Law Of Vibration

‘You get whatever you think about most, whether you want it or not.’ This one is similar to the law of creation. The more you think or feel something, the higher probability that it will happen or you will create it.

2. The Law Of Creation

According to Fernandez’s law, emotions and thoughts create the reality in which we live. This indicates that you can manifest anything you want if you start by thinking or feeling it.

3. The Law Of Balance

‘Law of abundance is sharing with others and being thankful when others give you.’ This law outlines that whatever you give to the world will give back to you in a similar way or another. This is chakra manifestation.

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4. The Law Of Action

This action-focused law of abundance concept states that ‘the way I do one thing is the way everything.’ According to the law, everyone has a unique style. We all have a way of acting that defines our personality that makes us predictable for the individuals around us. This style signature should be forward inertia to maintain your consistent action with what you have done.

5. The Law Of Cause And Effect

According to Fernandez, ‘everything we experience in life is a result of something else.’ Since the beginning of time, life involvements all seem connected by a chain of cause and effect. This connection means that your thoughts, actions, and emotions emanate from previous encounters, and this significantly affects your future. Therefore, in this law of abundance concept, you have the power to influence the outcome of your present and future.

6. The Law Of Order

The order of life is “Be-Do-Have.” You have to be something first before understanding how to do it and get or have the outcome. For instance, to BE an expert in agriculture, you first need to DO agricultural work before HAVING the expert status.

7. The Law Of Least Effort

According to this law, ‘putting too much effort produces stress and wears away your energy.’ Stress production and energy decreases make it very difficult to live with abundance. In other words, you should avoid putting too much effort into life or doing your daily chores if you don’t have any interest. Instead, you should find the simplest and most productive way of achieving your objectives. If there is an easier path leading to the same results, there is no need to waste your energy.

8. The Law Of Using Your Talents

Similar to the law of balance in which you need to be generous if you want the world to manifest generosity in return. This law of utilizing your talents to help others will give you abundance. Using your talent is an excellent way of helping others and plays a vital part in creating a functioning and abundant world.

9. The Law Of Detachment

The law states that ‘you attach yourself to action and detach yourself from the result.’ Although it may sound backward, you should not do the action while thinking about the results. Although it is true that if you give, you will also receive, you should not be focusing on receiving; instead, you should be focusing on giving.

10. The Law Of Ends And Means

This law of abundance states that only by being happy today will you find joy tomorrow. Like the law of order, you will have to be something first before achieving it. Before you achieve the desired result, you will need to find the means of doing it first. In this case, you should find happiness today to have it tomorrow.

The 2021 Lunar Calendar’s Impact On The Law Of Attraction

lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses are the right moment that you should act if you are stuck in indecision.

Secrets and truths come into the open.

Eclipses occur about four times a year and are said to bring sudden turning points and changes to our lives.

Lunar eclipses happen at full moons when the earth is situated directly between the sun and moon.

The 2021 total eclipse will occur on May 26 (Sagittarius) at 7.13 a.m. EST, while the partial lunar eclipse will occur on November 19 (Taurus), 3.57 p.m.

The 2022 total lunar eclipse occurs on May 15-16 at 9:32 p.m. EST.

2021 & 2022 Mercury Retrograde

The ancient practice of astrology says that mammals are all influenced by the influence of Mercury in retrograde.

When the planet Mercury appears to travel backward across the sky three times a year. These periods when Mercury is in the backward motion is the definition of ‘Mercury retrograde.’ Traditionally, these moments have a link with delay, confusion, and frustration. Think about the frazzled travel plans, email blunders, and failed plans.

What To Do During Mercury Retrogrades

The practice of astrology reveals that the planet Mars rules communication and this is critical for the law of attraction.

These communications include writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Any activity that involves communication, which is pretty much everything, is heightened during the Mercury retrograde.

This includes the power of the law of attraction and manifestation.

Mercury Retrogrades are a great time to meditate and reflect on your past and since intuition is high during these times, focus on manifestation.

The 2021 Mercury retrograde will be viewed clearly during the following date ranges:

In 2022 there are four Mercury Retrogrades:

Conclusion – Next Step

Now you too can harness the law of attraction and clear away the cosmic energy that’s holding you back from manifesting your dream life.

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