Manifestation Meditation | How To Manifest Your Desires

by Sarah | Last Updated: April 29, 2021

Manifestation meditation is the practice of using guided meditation utilizing the law of attraction to manifest what you desire or want in your life.

Guided meditation is proven to boost people’s mood and helps them, and you achieve a path of manifestation. Our favorite guided meditation program is The BioEnergy Code which is the only manifestation meditation program based on ancient chakra teachings.

How Does Meditation Enable You To Manifest?

Below are some ways in which meditation amplifies your manifestations to help you attract your desires.

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They are as follows:

Guided meditation is perfect for visualization.
Many people often find it challenging to form or build an image in their minds. This visualization gets easier to do so when you are in a meditative state. The main idea is that a good guided meditation program can help you focus on your desired image without being distracted.

Manifestation meditation enables you to use your affirmations as a meditation mantra.
You can reach a deeper level of your intentions without overcrowding your mind by simply using affirmation as a mantra. A meditation mantra can be spoken, whispered, or chanted. A mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat during your guided meditation session.

Guided manifestation meditation typically uses subliminal affirmations as your focus. Non-guided meditation instead uses relaxing meditation music or a focus on your breathing.

Meditation activates your receiving mode and raises your vibration.
Meditation is one of the essential tools that enable you to get into the receiving mode. It is necessary to remember that humans are energetic beings because energy moves through them in two different directions: input and output.

When you are in an output mode, you will emit energy out of the universe. This energy can be emotional, thought power, or energy generated from your actions.

While you are in an input mood, also referred to as receiving mode, you take in these same energies. General meditation often has no spoken words, no thoughts, or nothing is emitted from you since there is only silence and stillness. It is during this silence and calm when you start drawing in energy naturally.

During the receiving mode, you begin to receive things like a clearer sight of the path you should take, inspired guidance, or even manifestation of your desires.

Shifting from the asking mode to a receive mode through meditation is most straightforward and quickest. You will reach the high vibrations required for the shifting process. These vibrations mean that the more often you meditate, the more your desires begin manifesting in your life.

It strengthens your intuition.
When you begin practicing manifestation meditation, you will start noticing many amazing things happen. Over time your connection with your energy source and higher self begins getting more robust than ever before.

You also begin receiving ideas for inspired actions to guide you on your path of desire. Many people see these inspired actions as divine guidance.

Meditation allows you to reach the state of flow.
The zone or flow state of chakra meditation for manifesting refers to when you become absorbed into what you are working on or doing.
In most cases, it gets hard to be in a flow state for long in a place full of distractions. For instance, most people get easily distracted by YouTube and other social media platforms.

Therefore getting into the flow state of manifestation meditation allows you to put action into your desires. It also enables you to follow the inspired idea of putting some physical energy into the goals you want or wish to manifest.

The fantastic thing is that the more you meditate, the easier it gets for you to reach the flow state. You can spend much of your time taking some steps towards your desires without feeling bored, lethargic, or stressed.

However, manifestation meditation only allows you to receive inspired guidance on the action you are supposed to take and will enable you to reach a flow state that makes it easy to take these actions.

What Is Manifestation Meditation?

Young couple relaxing while doing manifestation meditation

Many people wonder what manifesting meditation is and how it can help them improve their desires. In simple terms, meditation utilizes the law of attraction tools to boost your mood and helps you manifest money or what you desire or want in your life.

The best thing about manifestation meditation is that you can literally do it anywhere.

Still, for beginners manifesting miracles, they would be more comfortable practicing in a quiet and relaxing place. Doing so enables them to connect the universe with their minds to help them figure out the direction they want their lives to take.

How to attract miracles using the law of attraction

In most cases, manifestation techniques are typically energetic expressions that you usually send to the law of attraction universe as you meditate or via your thoughts.

Manifestation meditation is essential in our day-to-day life because it is beneficial for our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. When you think positively of yourself when asking the universe for help, you begin attracting positive things into your life.

The same case occurs when you start feeling good because you draw more goodness in your life. When you are meditating, you are encouraged to focus on releasing yourself from the outward energy and mind chatter controlling your life. You can decide to center your focus or attention on your breathing, particular sound, object, or image for you to meditate and receive a manifestation.

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In summary, the best way to raise your energy vibration is with manifestation meditation. This boost is because all your meditation energy focuses on what you want to manifest, which aligns your energy vibration with your goal.

Manifestation meditation utilizes the law of attraction to focus your body and soul energy with your chakras to create your reality. It means you must learn to visualize and unblock your chakras of negative feelings and energy.

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